A Look Ahead at New Homes of 2015

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The Architect’s Newspaper

http://www.archpaper.com The Architect’s Newspaper serves up news and inside reports to a niche community of architects, designers, engineers, landscape architects, lighting designers, interior designers, academics, developers, contractors, and other parties interested in the built urban environment.

Article: Art Practice as Research in the Classroom

Educators Evaluate Learning Benefits of iPads

http://www.edweek.org/dd/articles/2011/06/15/03mobile.h04.html Since so much of our schools are looking to update their classrooms with the latest technology, check out this article and let me know what you think.

2 Cent worth

Check out this blog! http://davidwarlick.com/2cents/ Blog about an educator just laying it out there.

the Journal

Check out this website: THE Journal:  Transforming Education through Technology http://thejournal.com/Home.aspx